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why be honest?

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honesty brings trust and success

Honesty Brings True Success

EARNING income is a necessary part of life. We have a responsibility before God to provide for ourselves and our families.

But what if obtaining money and the things it can buy becomes more than just a means of sustaining life? What if it becomes your purpose in life? Those whose primary objective is to gain wealth find it easier to resort to dishonesty to get it. They may not realize until it is too late that dishonesty robs them of true success. Furthermore, as the Bible says, the love of money causes many pains. Continue reading


Am I Ready to Leave Home?

a cartoon of a youth hiking

a cartoon of a youth hiking

Your bags are packed; your mind is made up! I must leave home you think to yourself! Wow!! Easy their young soldier! Before you hike off, pause and consider these questions just to be sure that you are ready:

  •  What are my motives?
  •  Am I prepared?
  •  Where am I headed?

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