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Gum Disease—Are You at Risk?


picture of stages of gum disease

stages of gum disease

The simplest seeks to live a healthy life. This can be affected by smilingly small and simple health problems like gum disease. You might say; but I’ve got good oral hygiene so I am not at risk!’ not really so dear, you might be! Consider:

IT IS one of the most common oral diseases in the world. Yet, this disease in its initial stages may not cause any immediate symptoms. This dangerous subtlety is characteristic of gum disease. The International Dental Journal lists periodontal disease among oral disorders that pose “a serious public-health problem.” It adds that the impact of oral disease “on individuals and communities in terms of pain and suffering, impairment of function and reduced quality of life, is considerable. A discussion of this widespread condition may help you reduce your risk of gum disease. Continue reading