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The Beautiful Moth

a robin moth

a robin moth

look at that picture above. what do you think that is? a butterfly you may say…. wait a minute! ONE pleasant evening a moth flew into a plush restaurant. As it fluttered by her table, a lady dining there frantically shooed the moth away as if she were being attacked by a disease-laden mosquito! The moth proceeded to another table, finally alighting on a man’s lapel. This man and his wife had an entirely different reaction—they admired the moth, reflecting on the beauty and harmlessness of this delicate creature. Continue reading


Welcome To The Simplist blog

You probably have wondered were you can get helpful advice about life, living a simple life, improving our personal relationship with others and loving the marvelous world around us(nature-what we can learn from them). THE SIMPLIST is dedicated to offering you articles that serve the purpose of bringing you happiness- the purpose of mans existence and struggles on earth. let us take a walk though the happy life of even simple men