why be honest?

a handshake

honesty brings trust and success

Honesty Brings True Success

EARNING income is a necessary part of life. We have a responsibility before God to provide for ourselves and our families.

But what if obtaining money and the things it can buy becomes more than just a means of sustaining life? What if it becomes your purpose in life? Those whose primary objective is to gain wealth find it easier to resort to dishonesty to get it. They may not realize until it is too late that dishonesty robs them of true success. Furthermore, as the Bible says, the love of money causes many pains. Continue reading


Gum Disease—Are You at Risk?


picture of stages of gum disease

stages of gum disease

The simplest seeks to live a healthy life. This can be affected by smilingly small and simple health problems like gum disease. You might say; but I’ve got good oral hygiene so I am not at risk!’ not really so dear, you might be! Consider:

IT IS one of the most common oral diseases in the world. Yet, this disease in its initial stages may not cause any immediate symptoms. This dangerous subtlety is characteristic of gum disease. The International Dental Journal lists periodontal disease among oral disorders that pose “a serious public-health problem.” It adds that the impact of oral disease “on individuals and communities in terms of pain and suffering, impairment of function and reduced quality of life, is considerable. A discussion of this widespread condition may help you reduce your risk of gum disease. Continue reading

The Simplists Learns from Fish Schooling

Picture of a group of fish

Fish Schooling

Fish Schooling

Car accidents kill more than one million people and injure approximately 50 million each year. Yet, millions of fish can swim together in a school with virtually no collisions. How do fish do it, and what can they teach us about how to reduce car crashes? Continue reading

What Makes a Good Friend?

picture of tow friends smiling

friendships bring joy

ON December 25, 2010, a 42-year-old woman in Britain posted a suicide note on a well-known social networking site. Her message sounded like a desperate plea for attention. Although the woman had more than a thousand social network “friends” online, not one came to her aid. The police found her body a day later. She had taken a fatal overdose.

Today, modern technology allows us to make hundreds, or even thousands, of social network “friends” by merely adding their names to our list of computer contacts. And when we wish to end one of these “friendships,” we simply delete that person’s name from our list. However, the tragic incident involving the woman in Britain underscores a startling reality—true friendship still eludes many. In fact, one recent survey revealed that although we are socializing more, the number of our truly close friends has decreased. for the simplist, friendship makes life quite colorful and to him true friendship is an indispensable possession that helps him combat loneliness. Continue reading

SUICIDE (When You Feel Like Giving Up on Life)

Graphic of A depressed man

Depression may lead to suicide thoughts

EACH year tens of thousands of people in the United States alone attempt suicide. Why are many in such a state of despair. The Bible explains that we live in “critical times hard to deal with.” People feel the pressures of life with great intensity. (2 Timothy 3:1; Ecclesiastes 7:7) When a person is overwhelmed by life’s anxieties, he may contemplate suicide as a means to escape pain.

myth: talking to a person about suicide will increase the chances of him actually trying to attempt suicide.

fact: talking objectively about suicide to a depressed person will increase the chances of him seeing a value in living.

But what can you do if you have had such thoughts of ending it? you need to realize that: Continue reading

Why the simplist is punctual

A late man

Punctuality is esential

Jemie:Am sorry am late… I had a hold up.

Mary: But that’s what you always say you said that just yesterday.

Many who appreciate the value of punctuality struggle with tardiness themselves. The Bible provides practical wisdom related to this subject.
How important is punctuality?

Do you find it difficult to keep to time? Does it seem you just have too much to do that your always late for events? Continue reading

LONELINESS, How You Can Find Solutions

picture of a girl sitting alone

loneliness can be quite depressing

happiness is cherished by the simplist. this is even made richer by friends, but sadness sets in  when it seems that no one really cares about you, you simply crawl into your shell and wallow in self pity. you become lonely. what can help? consider:

IF YOU suffer from loneliness, it might be helpful to ask yourself: ‘Are there things that I can do to improve matters? Could it be that I need to make some changes in my life? If so, what are they?’ The following questions may help you to make a personal analysis and find satisfying solutions. Continue reading