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The Simplist

October 10, 2017

sorry guys, that I have been away. this is due to some unavoidable circumstances. hope to be back and better for my audience.


What Makes a Good Friend?

picture of tow friends smiling

friendships bring joy

ON December 25, 2010, a 42-year-old woman in Britain posted a suicide note on a well-known social networking site. Her message sounded like a desperate plea for attention. Although the woman had more than a thousand social network “friends” online, not one came to her aid. The police found her body a day later. She had taken a fatal overdose.

Today, modern technology allows us to make hundreds, or even thousands, of social network “friends” by merely adding their names to our list of computer contacts. And when we wish to end one of these “friendships,” we simply delete that person’s name from our list. However, the tragic incident involving the woman in Britain underscores a startling reality—true friendship still eludes many. In fact, one recent survey revealed that although we are socializing more, the number of our truly close friends has decreased. for the simplist, friendship makes life quite colorful and to him true friendship is an indispensable possession that helps him combat loneliness. Continue reading

How to Invest Your Time Wisely

a man chasing after time

a man chasing after time

“If only I had more time!” How often have you said that? In a sense, time is a universal leveler, because the powerful and rich have no more of it than do the lowly and poor. Furthermore, neither the rich nor the poor can accumulate time. Once it is gone, it is gone forever. The course of wisdom, then, is to make good use of the time we have. How? Consider four strategies that have helped many people to invest their time wisely. Continue reading

How Can I Cope With Stress at School?

a stressed female student

a stressed female student

If you’re a young person in school do you feel that school is quite stressful? True it can be. Just getting to and from school can be stressful. But does the stress let up once you arrive at school? Hardly! You still get a couple of this kinds of stress: Continue reading


Graphic of A depressed man

A depressed man

There are a number of steps to stress management, let’s walk through a number of them

What has caused you stress?

▪ Insecurity—financial or otherwise

▪ A demanding routine

▪ Interpersonal conflicts

▪ A traumatic experience Continue reading


Graphic of A depressed man

A depressed man

Stress is a word that is feared by many and misjudged by much more. Truth is stress in itself is not necessarily harmful. The American Psychological Association has noted: “Stress is to the human condition what tension is to the violin string: too little and the music is dull and raspy; too much and the music is shrill or the string snaps. Stress can be the kiss of death or the spice of life. The issue, really, is how to manage it”, not too little, not too great. Continue reading