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Why Commend Others?

A parent helping the child learn to ride a bike

Encouragement make people try to do more

Why Commendation Matters

MANY people feel that their efforts go unnoticed by others. For example, workers often feel unappreciated by their employers. Many married people believe that their mate takes them for granted. And some children think that they can never meet the expectations of their parents. Surely, such feelings could be alleviated if we were all willing to commend one another from time to time. Continue reading

How Can I Boost My Self-Respect?

picture of a girl sitting alone

loneliness can be quite depressing

Self-respect is a balanced view of once self. This is being content with yourself and felling proud of your achievement. It is difficult to maintain a balance in how one views himself. Think of it this way trying not to become annoyingly proud and at the same time avoiding the other end of having low self esteem…. Its pretty heard right? Many people have fallen to the letter and have lost respect for them serves. Why? What can help?

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The Simplists Learns from Fish Schooling

Picture of a group of fish

Fish Schooling

Fish Schooling

Car accidents kill more than one million people and injure approximately 50 million each year. Yet, millions of fish can swim together in a school with virtually no collisions. How do fish do it, and what can they teach us about how to reduce car crashes? Continue reading

The Simplists Learns from the Birds

picture of a stork in flight

a stork

Ask, please, the birds of the heavens”, and they will tell you. science have imitated creation in so many ways, think of the air plains the cars and many more. but what about the simplist? can he learn life lessons from the birds? The simplist gets to be happy by loving nature. But in his quest, he also learns important lessons from them. Consider;

Many of the references to the birds of the heavens teach us important lessons about life and our relationship with people. Let us look at a few examples:

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Does our planet exist for a purpose?

the earth

the earth

why care about the purpose of the earth?

The simplist seeks to live a satisfying, happy life. so he continually searches for the meaning and purpose of life. He realizes that the world around him is as important as him and that if he finds the purpose of the planet, them he is one step closer to finding his own purpose in life.

Our planet is ideally suited to host life. It has abundant water, which is essential for life. The earth’s tilt, rotation, and orbit are all just right to prevent the oceans from freezing over or boiling away. And the earth’s atmosphere and magnetic field protect it from deadly radiation. The interdependent web of plant and animal life on earth is simply amazing. Consequently, many people have concluded that our planet was designed for a purpose.

Will earth’s purpose be accomplished?

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The Beautiful Moth

a robin moth

a robin moth

look at that picture above. what do you think that is? a butterfly you may say…. wait a minute! ONE pleasant evening a moth flew into a plush restaurant. As it fluttered by her table, a lady dining there frantically shooed the moth away as if she were being attacked by a disease-laden mosquito! The moth proceeded to another table, finally alighting on a man’s lapel. This man and his wife had an entirely different reaction—they admired the moth, reflecting on the beauty and harmlessness of this delicate creature. Continue reading


Nature can be quit persistent weather you love them or not they find their way to you. Seasons come and irrespective of how you feel about them they affect you. Different animals roam around you an even when you dislike them, they keep coming.

The simplest seek to be happy, and the finds joy in the world around him. But you might say ‘but I don’t already love nature or at least I don’t love all of them. Well, the secret is, knowing more about the life and habit of these aspects of nature. Continue reading