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The Simplists Learns from Fish Schooling

Picture of a group of fish

Fish Schooling

Fish Schooling

Car accidents kill more than one million people and injure approximately 50 million each year. Yet, millions of fish can swim together in a school with virtually no collisions. How do fish do it, and what can they teach us about how to reduce car crashes? Continue reading

The Simplists Learns from the Birds

picture of a stork in flight

a stork

Ask, please, the birds of the heavens”, and they will tell you. science have imitated creation in so many ways, think of the air plains the cars and many more. but what about the simplist? can he learn life lessons from the birds? The simplist gets to be happy by loving nature. But in his quest, he also learns important lessons from them. Consider;

Many of the references to the birds of the heavens teach us important lessons about life and our relationship with people. Let us look at a few examples:

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