Does our planet exist for a purpose?

the earth

the earth

why care about the purpose of the earth?

The simplist seeks to live a satisfying, happy life. so he continually searches for the meaning and purpose of life. He realizes that the world around him is as important as him and that if he finds the purpose of the planet, them he is one step closer to finding his own purpose in life.

Our planet is ideally suited to host life. It has abundant water, which is essential for life. The earth’s tilt, rotation, and orbit are all just right to prevent the oceans from freezing over or boiling away. And the earth’s atmosphere and magnetic field protect it from deadly radiation. The interdependent web of plant and animal life on earth is simply amazing. Consequently, many people have concluded that our planet was designed for a purpose.

Will earth’s purpose be accomplished?

What science says?

The earth is designed to host life. So the purpose must be to sustain life here. But man in his activity has been destroying the earth -burning of fossil fuel, using of heavy machines, wars, deforestation, civilization, space exploration etc. all this activities drives the earth to its critical point. Science see an apocalypse coming were mans activities will ruin the earth – alien invasion, global warming and heating up of the earth’s core has been feared as being among the things capable of bringing a dooms day to the earth.

The Problem

Science has failed to find out a purpose for the earth that has to do with happiness they only see dooms day for the future and so we fear what tomorrow holds for mankind.

What The Bible Says?

The earth was designed to be a happy home for people who respect one another and love their Creator. Thus, human life has a higher purpose than plant or animal life. We can understand who our Creator is and admire and imitate his love and justice.

Our Maker can accomplish all that he purposes to do. So we can be sure that he will do away with suffering and injustice and make our planet a perfectly happy home for mankind.

The earth was meant to be a happy home for mankind

What do you think? Is the earth headed for a crash or was it designed to sustain happy lives?


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