Nature can be quit persistent weather you love them or not they find their way to you. Seasons come and irrespective of how you feel about them they affect you. Different animals roam around you an even when you dislike them, they keep coming.

The simplest seek to be happy, and the finds joy in the world around him. But you might say ‘but I don’t already love nature or at least I don’t love all of them. Well, the secret is, knowing more about the life and habit of these aspects of nature.

The world around us is full of marvels that continue to surprise us daily. From the trees around us, to the animals to, and the earth itself, everything is just a fascination. Surprisingly true, so many things are waiting to be discovered.  Everything we see being produced (from the tiny time piece in your wrist to advanced robots have mimicked nature like we will see in subsequent articles just like I always say “NATURE HAD IT FIRST”. Yet Scientists have mimicked these things for a long while now and for long debated on the origin of the universe. The series of articles under this category will examine wonders of the nature and how the simplist learns from them; we will focus on examining how we perceive the world around us, moving from the formal anthropocentric view of live to a more biocentric view… We will see how nature has thought man to live a simple happy life. The series will also consider many special mechanisms including live styles of organisms of our world and how it answers the ultimate question on the origin of life and its purpose why it matters, and how it informs our benefiting from nature – since your take on our origin decides you purpose in live and for the right purpose ultimately lives to the happy life of the simplest. ULTIMATELY we aim to develop our love for our world and archive the goal of happiness. Feel free to comment… For a start let us look at ‘the Moth’


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