What Do We Need to Be Happy?

HAPPINESS has been sought by most men who live and the search has continued today yet happiness has eluded many men. what really gives real happiness? how costly is it?

BASICALLY, the requirements for a happy life are few and simple:

  • Peace and security
  • Loving family and friends
  • Good health
  • Adequate food, clothing, and shelter (doesn’t have to be costly)
  • Purpose in life
  • Hope for the future
  • Embrace the world around us (nature)

All these entail that all you just need are the simple necessities of life it generally require you to live a simple life-To be a SIMPLIST[i].

For many people, some or all of these requirements are hard to meet since situations mentioned above change constantly. So to being happy with each coming change becomes the focus. The key is

  • Content – make do with what you have
  • Hope – even when thing things are bad, you only make them worse when you don’t see the light.
  • Positive Outlook – It’s quite easy to believe that things will get better-because we want them to People who hope but worry too much about there unfavorable changes are less likely to patiently wait for an improvement in these circumstances so they are much likely to drift into anxiety and depression. You might experience difficulties in a number of this requirement, do not be reluctant to ask for practical suggestions on how to succeed.



[i] My jargon for a person who lives a simple life



3 thoughts on “What Do We Need to Be Happy?

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